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My freedom plan (anyone still readin' here?)

Overall plan: I still have 2½ years of school left (I just started this fall). During this time I will sell & give away almost all of my belongings - I'll keep only my favourite clothes, crafting supplies, a few books & CDs, Monkees DVDs, and memories (diaries, the mug I always used at my late granny's place, and the like). What I can't/don't want to take with me, will be left at either of my parent's; I'll pack a backbag and start living from Rainbow Gathering to a Rainbow Gathering. (I'm in Europe; there's at least one small Gathering every month somewhere.) I know I won't always want to be in a Rainbow camp, but leaving's ok - better, actually, so Rainbow won't lose its shininess.

Short-time plan: Next summer, right after school is over, I and my brother will hitchhike to/in Europe. In July, he'll go to the European Gathering in Iberia while I'll head back to Finland to the Finnish Rainbow Gathering (because my school starts too early, pfft).

Shorter-time plan: We're hitchhiking to Denmark in about a week to spend Christmas and New Year's Eve in Ting, a Northern European Gathering! <3

(I also got the crazy idea in the middle of a night that I'd sell/donate my stuff next spring and move into a teepee/winter tent to the countryside where my school is, haha. Not handy at all right now, but some day I'll live like this, for as long as I feel like it.)
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