Мой папа турецкоподданный (schmidt_club) wrote in the_free_people,
Мой папа турецкоподданный

I've liked the idea of the community

but didn't see that it lives here.

If i got right, we're to share our experiences about travelling without money... or with small money maybe :)

If anyone cares to read, i can share how i got from Turkey to Germany for 8 Euro.

I crossed Turkish-Greek border 19 July cos my turkish visa was expiring. My passport had a Shengen (Finnish) visa, and of course i expected questions at the greek post. First of all they asked me to show money. I could show 200 Euro and a credit card (with no money there, but they couldn't check). I had to say there are friends waiting for me at Thessaloniki (they were actually waiting in Koln). After 15 minutes the guard let me pass, saying next time girl show us more cash.

I had to walk pretty far before i could hitch. I was thinking of putting a tent, but i had more luck. Second car took me to Didimotiho, the driver persented me with a map of Greece, let me use internet at his office, bought some food for me, and a train ticket to Thessaloniki.

In the morning i paid 50 cents for the bus to get me out of the city and hitched on. Middle of day i was taking shower at some engineers' office on the road (they were building autobahn in the mountains), and right after that i stopped a TIR with a sign "Italian Lines".

With this truck i got nearly to Austria for free. U see, on the Greece-Italy ferry-boat driver is paying just for truck, and two people can go with it. So i was the second. I could get to Germany with this truck, but the driver obviously wanted sex, and i had to get off.

There isn't much more to add. 1,5 days later i was in Turingia at the European Rainbow Gathering. Nearly all the 8 euro i spent on the way were for food, cos you can not always expect that drivers will feed you.

Unfortunately i cannot earn money while travelling, never tried. I cannot play music or make fireshow. I've heard about places where you can stop for a while and earn money picking fruits (in Greece and Spain), and a community in Amsterdam, but i would like to learn more about them myself :)

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